Monday, April 14, 2008

Availability of Public Water Drives Development

Contrary to assertions of Supervisor Russell Availability of Public Water Drives Development

"Okay. We, at the end of the day, control all of the zoning of Southold Town. The Suffolk County Water Authority does not control zoning. We do. So the presence of drinkable or potable water in this town doesn’t mean a pell mell rush to develop. The zoning is our job. Not the water authority’s job."
Supervisor Russell at the Town Board Meeting on Feb 26, 2008

"Public water opens up the potential to build on previously non-buildable lots, so the concern that development accompanies the advent of public water is there, and rightly so."
Herman Miller, SCWA deputy CEO for operations (2004)

As regards the implementation of our consultants’ advice in the matter of potable water the Planning Board has followed the guidelines of the Pirnie report and envisions our water resource as a fixed or absolute limit within which all planning and growth projections must be fitted. This was the reason for 40,000 square foot zoning and for our limits on population density.
Development Plan of the Town of Southold (1978) pg 68