Monday, April 14, 2008

In Appreciation of the Natural Bounty of the North Fork of Long Island

Politicians are very good at taking credit for everything. Unfortunately, the more eager they are to claim credit the less credit is usually due.

The natural bounty of the North Fork is great and subtle, obvious and mysterious. Living in such a special place is both a gift and a responsibility.

The proposed development of a separate new community of 139 condominiums on 46 acres in the heart of Cutchogue hamlet threatens to severly damage the natural environment, cultural character, public health, safety and welfare of the North Fork.

Supervisor Russell and his loyal opposition Councilman Thomas Wickham are both in favor of the current development plan (they both oppose even consideration of rezoning). The fact that these two disagree more than they agree raises the questions why each of them opposes reviewing the current zoning.